​Three major categories of medical machinery or will benefit

Three major categories of medical machinery or will benefit

Heart Bracket Field Cardiovascular disease to the heart caused by a lot of pressure, the most likely to cause heart disease, and the heart stent to the disease is a great relief, is the current ideal treatment, in the medical field is more and more extensive use.

China’s development in the field of cardiac stent is not bad, the level and international level close to the future is expected to gradually achieve import substitution, its development prospects are more optimistic.

Cardiac pacemaker, which is also the treatment of heart disease often use medical devices, the current China’s market in this area is also monopolized by foreign companies, domestic products occupy a very small share, but with the national incentive policy is expected to start.

Field of preventive testing This aspect mainly aims at the diabetes, in vitro diagnoses the coherent equipment and the detection reagent the future demand is very big, not only in the diabetes aspect, in other medical field also touches, is expected to have the very big development space. such as poct-field rapid detection, is in vitro diagnosis of a new subdivision industry. The term sounds strange, but everyone is familiar with the mention of a blood glucose meter. At present, POCT has been able to detect a number of indicators, including blood sugar, blood gas/electrolyte, blood coagulation, heart/tumor markers, drug/alcohol detection.

With the continuous introduction of immunoassay, colloidal gold, electroluminescence, time-resolved fluorescence, biosensor and biochip technology, the development of POCT has gained a powerful pillar.

Wearable equipment Field With the aging phenomenon becoming more and more serious, it is very important to be able to find the condition in time and monitor the health condition of the patients. and wearable equipment can meet this demand.

Post time: Sep-18-2019