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Application of bedside EEG monitoring in adult ICU?

EEG is one of the simplest methods to study brain activity, it is more sensitive to changes in brain structure and function, and it is easy to record at the bedside.


In the past decade, continuous electroencephalography (CEEG) monitoring has become a powerful tool for evaluating brain dysfunction in critically ill patients [1]. And the analysis of CEEG data is a major task, due to digital EEG data acquisition, computer processing , The development of data transmission, data display and other aspects makes the application of CEEG monitoring technology feasible in ICU

Various quantitative tools for EEG, such as Fourier analysis and amplitude-integrated EEG, as well as other data analysis methods, such as computerized epilepsy examination, increasingly allow for centralized review and analysis of EEG.

These tools reduce the time of EEG analysis and allow non-professional medical staff at the bedside to identify significant EEG changes in a timely manner. This article discusses the feasibility, indications, and challenges of EEG use in the ICU. An overview.

Post time: Jul-27-2022