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Functional classification of monitors

According to the function classification, there are three types of bedside monitors, central monitors, and outpatient monitors. They are divided into intelligent and non-intelligent.

(1) Bedside monitor: It is an instrument that is connected to the patient at the bedside. It can continuously detect various physiological parameters or certain states of the patient, display the report or record, and it can also It works as a whole with the central monitor.

(2) Central monitor: It is composed of a main monitor and several bedside monitors. The main monitor can control the work of each bedside monitor and monitor the conditions of multiple subjects at the same time. Its characteristic is that it can complete Automatic recording of various abnormal physiological parameters and medical records.

(3) Discharge monitor: Generally, it is a small electronic monitor that the patient can carry with him. It can continuously monitor a certain physiological parameter of the patient inside and outside the hospital for the doctor’s reference during diagnosis.

Functional classification of monitors

Post time: Sep-10-2021