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How to choose the right blood pressure monitor! There are several types of blood pressure moni

There are several types of blood pressure monitors currently on the market:

Mercury sphygmomanometer, also known as mercury sphygmomanometer, is an accurate sphygmomanometer because the height of the mercury column is used as the standard for blood pressure. Most of the sphygmomanometers used in hospitals are mercury sphygmomanometers.


The watch-type sphygmomanometer looks like a watch and is in the shape of a disc. The dial is marked with scales and readings. There is a pointer in the center of the disc to indicate the value of blood pressure.

Electronic sphygmomanometer, there is a sensor in the sphygmomanometer cuff, which converts the collected sound signal into an electrical signal, which is displayed on the display without a stethoscope, so factors such as insensitivity of hearing and external noise interference can be excluded.

Wrist type or finger cuff type automatic digital sphygmomanometer, this type of sphygmomanometer is more sensitive and easily affected by external factors, and can only assist in monitoring blood pressure. When the measured blood pressure value changes greatly, it should be re-measured with the mercury-column type and indicating sphygmomanometer to prevent the patient from being burdened by the inaccurate measurement of the blood pressure value.

Post time: Jun-30-2022