Indonesia exhibition Report

HospitalExpo is the most professional and influential medical industry exhibition in Indonesia.It has been launched today.

Indonesia is a developing country and is actively building up the country, especially the health sector. In the 1970s, awarenessof the need for modern health infrastructure and facilities emerged. Since then, health activities, mainly exhibitions and seminars, have been held.

Imports of hospitalequipment have shifted from Europe to Asian countries, and hospitals haveaccepted equipment from China,Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries.

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Scope of the exhibition

Medical Products:Medical Equipment and Instruments, Medical Consumables, Ambulance Equipment,Surgical Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment and Supplies, Analysis and Control,Monitoring Equipment, Surgical Equipment, Preventive Medical Equipment,Ophthalmological Instruments and Equipment, Otolaryngological Equipment, DentalProducts and Equipment, Radiological Medical Equipment, Medical Reagents andEquipment, Fake Limbs and rehabilitation equipment, medical and health careproducts and equipment, medical institutions and laboratory technicalequipment, medical information and technical exchanges, Hospital EngineeringTelecommunications and data transmission equipment, medical disinfectionequipment, waste treatment equipment, cold storage equipment, ambulances andancillary equipment, cosmetic equipment, medical textiles, medical constructiontechnology, etc. Medical and health services and medical publications.

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Medke Technologies is a manufacturer specializing in the field of monitor accessories and household monitoring instruments. Its products have TUV, CE, FDA, CFDA certification,Medke Technologies has professional R&D and production team,enjoying a high reputation in the industry.

Scope of the exhibition

Patient monitor accessories

EKG accessories

Household monitoring instrument

In this exhibition, Our products are favored by a large number of professional audiences. We not only provide professional products, but also provide customized solutions for our customers.


Post time: Dec-07-2018
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