The use of blood pressure strip

Problems with wrong blood pressure cuff measurements:

1.Holding back urine may result in an elevated blood pressure reading of 10~15 MMHG. Therefore, urination should be performed before measuring blood pressure.

2, it is recommended to keep silent when measuring blood pressure, in order to avoid unreliable reading.

3.Poor posture can also cause high readings to measure blood pressure, place your feet flat on the floor or a footrest with the back of a chair.

As living standards improve, families will have blood pressure monitors, especially those with high blood pressure. We just bought the blood pressure monitor, we have to study how to use it, where to tie the cuff of the blood pressure monitor, but now the cuff disinfection has become a big problem, because when measuring blood pressure, the cuff of the blood pressure monitor comes into direct contact with our skin, so the disinfection work is focused.


4.Sleeve belt Standardization Item (CSP) : Standardization of equipment using sleeve joints for all patients, monitors, and departments.

5.Easy to use: The tapered tail design makes the cuff easy to use. Color codes allow you to quickly and easily select sizes. Inside and outside range indicators ensure installation

6, blood pressure measuring blood pressure cuff is too tight will lead to inaccurate measurements, because the principle of blood pressure when you enough gas in the cuff within arteries were completely flattened, is not of blood, when you slowly deflated, gradually to arterial pressure, artery just to pass the arterial blood, heart contraction to the ejection inside arteries, this is the impact of the arterial wall received strong, you will hear the first voice, is the systolic blood pressure. During this process, as the blood begins to flow and sound appears, the pressure recorded is systolic, or high pressure.
Then it continues to release the air in the sleeve and continues to listen to the sound of the blood flow. When the sound cannot be heard, the pressure recorded is diastolic pressure, or low pressure.



Post time: Aug-04-2020