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disposable skin temperature probe

disposable skin temperature probe It is often used in routine surgical anesthesia surgery and in the postoperative patient recovery period. A connected monitor monitors the patient’s surface temperature. Or when clinicians need to accurately assess patient skin temperature, disposable skin probes can be used as a highly accurate, real-time body temperature monitoring product.
Medke’s skin disposable temperature probe surface is covered with a soft, adhesive foam disk, ensuring comfort while minimizing the risk of allergies in patients with sensitive skin.
Disposable skin medical body temperature probe has the following advantages:
Non-invasive measurement of body temperature is common in multiple pathways.
The coverage of polyester film maximizes the influence of infrared lamp and other surgical heating lamps on human temperature, greatly mentioning the accuracy of temperature sensor.
The foam pad tightly connects the area between the skin and the sensor to isolate any ambient air that may affect the body temperature.
The single-use principle is designed not only to reduce the risk of cross-infection, but also to ensure that every patient uses our most accurate and cleanest disposable skin temperature probe.
Do not contain latex, to avoid the patient infection caused by latex.
The sensor embedded in the foam cotton can better guarantee the accuracy of the temperature.
Soft, sticky foam disks are very convenient for medical staff placement and removal.
Recommended placement point for the disposable skin probe: the axilla
How to use it: First, clean the skin surface, and then place the disposable skin temperature probe in the center of the armpit for temperature detection.
Medical disposable skin temperature probe has the advantages of high accuracy and high sensitivity.

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Post time: Mar-02-2023