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ECG lead wire failure problem, the solution?

1. NIBP measurement is inaccurate

Fault phenomenon: The deviation of the measured blood pressure value is too large.

Inspection method: Check whether the blood pressure cuff is leaking, whether the pipeline interface connected to the blood pressure is leaking, or is it caused by the difference in subjective judgment with the auscultation method?

Remedy: Use the NIBP calibration function. This is the only standard available to verify correct calibration of the NIBP module at the user’s site. The standard deviation of the pressure tested by NIBP when it leaves the factory is within 8mmHg. If it is exceeded, the blood pressure module needs to be replaced.

ECG lead wires

2. White screen, Huaping

Symptoms: There is a display on boot, but a white screen and a blurry screen appear.

Inspection method: The white screen and the blurred screen indicate that the display screen is powered by the inverter, but there is no display signal input from the main control board. An external monitor can be connected to the VGA output port on the back of the machine. If the output is normal, the screen may be damaged or the connection between the screen and the main control board may be poor; if there is no VGA output, the main control board may be faulty.

Remedy: replace the monitor, or check whether the main control board wiring is firm. When there is no VGA output, the main control board needs to be replaced.

3. ECG without waveform

Fault phenomenon: Connect the lead wire but no ECG waveform, the display shows “electrode off” or “no signal reception”.

Inspection method: First check the lead mode. If it is the five-lead mode but only the three-lead connection method is used, there must be no waveform.

Secondly, on the premise of confirming the placement position of the cardiac electrode pads and the quality of the cardiac electrode pads, exchange the ECG cable with other machines to confirm whether the ECG cable is faulty, whether the cable is aged, or the pin is broken. . Thirdly, if the fault of the ECG cable is ruled out, the possible cause is that the “ECG signal line” on the parameter socket board is not in good contact, or the ECG board, the connecting line of the main control board of the ECG board, and the main control board are faulty.

Method of exclusion:

(1) If the waveform channel of the ECG display shows “no signal reception”, it means that there is a problem with the communication between the ECG measurement module and the host, and the prompt still exists after the machine is turned off and on, so you need to contact the supplier. (2) Check that the three and five extension wires of all ECG lead external parts in contact with the human body should be connected to the corresponding three and five contact pins on the ECG plug. If the resistance is infinite, it means that the lead wire is open circuit. The lead wire should be replaced.

4. The ECG waveform is messy

Fault phenomenon: the interference of ECG waveform is large, the waveform is not standardized, and it is not standard.

Inspection Method:

(1) If the waveform effect is not good under the operation, please check the zero-to-ground voltage. Generally, it is required to be within 5V, and a separate ground wire can be pulled to achieve the purpose of good grounding.

(2) If the grounding is not enough, it may be due to the interference from the inside of the machine, such as the poor shielding of the ECG board. At this point, you should try to replace the accessories.

(3) First of all, the interference from the signal input terminal should be excluded, such as patient movement, failure of cardiac electrodes, aging of ECG leads, and poor contact.

(4) Set the filter mode to “Monitoring” or “Surgery”, the effect will be better, because the filter bandwidth is wider in these two modes.

Elimination method: adjust the ECG amplitude to an appropriate value, and the entire waveform can be observed.

5. No display when booting

Fault phenomenon: when the instrument is turned on, the screen does not display, and the indicator light does not light; when the external power supply is connected, the battery voltage is low, and the machine automatically shuts down; useless.

Inspection Method:

1. When there is a battery installed, this phenomenon indicates that the monitor is working on battery power supply and the battery power is basically used up, and the AC input does not work properly. The possible reasons are: the 220V power socket itself has no power, or the fuse is blown.

2. When the instrument is not connected to AC power, check whether the 12V voltage is low. This fault alarm indicates that the output voltage detection part of the power supply board detects that the voltage is low, which may be caused by the failure of the power supply board detection part or the output failure of the power supply board, or it may be caused by the failure of the back-end load circuit.

3. When no external battery is connected, it may be judged that the rechargeable battery is broken, or the battery cannot be charged due to the failure of the power board/charging control board.

Remedy: Connect all the connection parts reliably, and connect the AC power to charge the instrument.

6. ECG is disturbed by electrosurgery

Fault phenomenon: When the electrosurgical knife is used in the operation, the electrocardiogram is disturbed when the negative plate of the electrosurgical knife touches the human body.

Inspection method: Whether the monitor itself and the electrosurgical casing are well grounded.

Post time: Nov-07-2022