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How to choose the home blood pressure monitor correctly?

Home blood pressure monitor is no longer a medical device, but a thoughtful gift for consumers to give to the elderly. Why is this about? Because more and more elderly people are suffering from “three high”, and hypertension is the first killer of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. So, if you want to buy a blood pressure monitor to give it away to people, how should be the right choice? Home blood pressure monitors, mainly used for the home. Family health care has become the fashion of modern health care. In the past, people must go to the hospital to measure blood pressure, but now as long as they have a home blood pressure monitor, sitting at home can monitor the changes of blood pressure at any time. If the blood pressure is abnormal, they can go to the hospital in time for treatment, playing a role in preventing cerebral hemorrhage, heart failure and other diseases. There are three forms of blood pressure monitors: arm, wrist and finger.
These three forms of blood pressure monitors, including finger blood pressure monitors, have been proven not to be usable even for healthy people. It should be noted that wrist blood pressure monitor is not suitable for patients with blood circulation disorders, such as diabetes, diabetes, high blood fat, hypertension and other diseases will accelerate arteriosclerosis, thus causing peripheral circulation disorders. The wrist of these patients varied widely from the BP measurements in the upper arm. It is recommended that these patients and the elderly should choose arm blood pressure monitors. In addition, before the purchase should be measured on the spot, so as to choose their own blood pressure monitor.

Post time: Feb-15-2023