• QingMing Festival Holiday Notice

    QingMing Festival Holiday has been scheduled from 4th April to 6th April 2020. We will resume operation on 7th April 2020. Thank you for your kindly attention .
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  • Spring Festival Notice

    The holiday arrangement for the Spring Festival of 2020 is as follows: The holidays are scheduled for Jan 18 – Feb 1, 2020, and work normally on February 2. Happy Spring Festival!
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  • Holiday Notice

    2020 New Year’s  holiday arrangement is as follows: The holidays plan is one day ,January 1, 2020 (Wednesday). Happy New Year!  
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  • 2019MEDICA ended

    2019MEDICA ended

      The world’s largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition – 2019MEDICA (Dusseldorf) was concluded on November 21. More than 5000 companies from more than 140 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, 70% of which came from countries other than Germany, with a total ex...
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  • Always keep a grateful heart!

    Always keep a grateful heart!

    Life between heaven and earth, wear the great grace of  heaven and earth, always keep a grateful heart is the  most valuable.       
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  • Baoan Industrial Expo 2019

    Baoan Industrial Expo 2019

    The three-day “2019 Bao’an Industrial Development Expo” closed yesterday.     The Expo is the first exhibition of Shenzhen International Convention and ExhibitionCenter, which is highly valued by the municipal government and the district government. Before the preparation a...
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  • National Day Holiday Arrangement

    National Day Holiday Arrangements for 2019we have a vacation from September 28 to October 7, and work no rmally on October 8.
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  • Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home

    What equipment do I need to measure my blood pressure at home? To measure your blood pressure at home, you can use either an aneroid monitor or digital monitor. Choose the type of monitor that best suits your needs. You should look at the following features when you select a monitor. Size: The r...
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  • ​Three major categories of medical machinery or will benefit

    Three major categories of medical machinery or will benefit Heart Bracket Field Cardiovascular disease to the heart caused by a lot of pressure, the most likely to cause heart disease, and the heart stent to the disease is a great relief, is the current ideal treatment, in the medical field is mo...
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  • Exhibition Notice:2019 MEDICA

    Exhibition Notice:2019 MEDICA

      Time: Nov.18-21 Host Place: Dusseldorf, Germany Booth: 7aE30-J VISIT US!    
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  • Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Arrangement

      The Mid-Autumn Festival holidays in 2019 are arranged as follows: Holiday time September 13-15.  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
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  • izstāde Paziņojums

    izstāde Paziņojums

      Medke is located in Bao’an Science and Technology region, adjacent to Bao’an International Airport, and will soon show up at Bao’an Expo with the latest product series in 2019. September 25, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, our booth in Hall 4, C1...
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