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  • E pili ana iā mākou

    E pili ana iā mākou

    MEDKE Ua hoʻokumu i ka 2008, o ka 'oihana Hookah o ka' inikua lako, oi loa kālele ana ma luna o ke kahua kanaka hoʻoponopono accessories.
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    E hoomanao e kāki-ka hoʻokō huahana mau 'ō Medke kūlana noke

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  • What is the relationship between pulse an...

    In the late 1990s, several studies were conducted to evaluate the accuracy of non-professionals, first responders, paramedics and even doctors in assessing only the presence of pulse. In one study, the success rate of pulse recognition was as low as 45%, while in another study, junior doctors spe...
  • How does a pulse oximeter work?

    Pulse oximetry is a non-invasive and painless test that measures the oxygen level (or oxygen saturation level) in the blood. It can quickly detect how effectively oxygen is delivered to the limbs (including legs and arms) furthest from the heart. A pulse oximeter is a small device that can be cl...