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  • Çûna nava

    Çûna nava

    MEDKE, di sala 2008 de hate damezrandin, febrîqa profesyonel ên derman e, bi taybetî jî li ser accessories monitor warê rawestim.
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    Peydakirina berhemên cost-bandor tim Zêdekirina şerefa Medke tim

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  • The use of blood pressure strip

    Problems with wrong blood pressure cuff measurements: 1.Holding back urine may result in an elevated blood pressure reading of 10~15 MMHG. Therefore, urination should be performed before measuring blood pressure. 2, it is recommended to keep silent when measuring blood pressure, in order to avoid...
  • What is Spo2 sensor?

    Spo2 sensor is a measure of how much oxygen is in the blood. People with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, very young infants, and individuals with some infections may benefit from Spo2 sensor. In this article, we look at how this Nellcor oximax Spo2 sensor work and what to expect when us...