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  • Çûna nava

    Çûna nava

    MEDKE, di sala 2008 de hate damezrandin, febrîqa profesyonel ên derman e, bi taybetî jî li ser accessories monitor warê rawestim.
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    Peydakirina berhemên cost-bandor tim Zêdekirina şerefa Medke tim

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  • 2019MEDICA ended

    2019MEDICA ended

      The world’s largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition – 2019MEDICA (Dusseldorf) was concluded on November 21. More than 5000 companies from more than 140 countries and regions participated in the exhibition, 70% of which came from countries other than Germany, with a total ex...
  • Always keep a grateful heart!

    Always keep a grateful heart!

    Life between heaven and earth, wear the great grace of  heaven and earth, always keep a grateful heart is the  most valuable.