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    Zambiri zaife

    MEDKE anakhazikitsidwa mu 2008, ndi katswiri amapanga mankhwala, makamaka kuganizira Chalk munda polojekiti.
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    Kupereka yosafuna mankhwala mosalekeza utithandize Medke mbiri mosalekeza

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  • Function of Pulse oximetry

    A blood-oxygen monitor displays the percentage of blood that is loaded with oxygen. More specifically, it measures what percentage of hemoglobin, the protein in blood that carries oxygen, is loaded. Acceptable normal ranges for patients without pulmonary pathology are from 95 to 99 percent. For a...
  • 2019ExpoMed(Mexico)  Report

    2019ExpoMed(Mexico) Report

    The three-day Mexican Medical Exhibition is over. The professional exhibition attracts more than 400 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. The professional purchasers mainly come from Mexico, as well as from the Americas and Europe, reaching more than 13,000 people.     Medke Technology h...
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