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  • Kuhusu sisi

    Kuhusu sisi

    MEDKE ilianzishwa mwaka 2008, ni mtaalamu wa vifaa vya matibabu, hasa kuzingatia vifaa shamba kufuatilia.
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    Kutoa gharama nafuu za mara kwa mara Kuimarisha Medke sifa daima

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  • 2019ExpoMed(Mexico)  Report

    2019ExpoMed(Mexico) Report

    The three-day Mexican Medical Exhibition is over. The professional exhibition attracts more than 400 exhibitors from more than 20 countries. The professional purchasers mainly come from Mexico, as well as from the Americas and Europe, reaching more than 13,000 people.     Medke Technology h...
  • Maonyesho Ilani

    Maonyesho Ilani

    In a world in constant evolution where the new technologies of the healthcare industry multiply in an accelerated way, this program focuses on the most relevant issues of the sector, stimulating new thinking and inspiring action. Medke will attend the 11th Mexican International Medical Supplies ...
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